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The mission of Allied Home Health Agency is to participate as an active part of the community, in providing and continuously improving the home health care needs of the patient by delivering value driven, high quality compassionate care. At Allied Home Health Agency, we share a firm belief in the philosophy of Healthwise and do our utmost to fulfill the company's goal of exceeding the standard of home health care.
Our Mission
Allied Home Health Agency Mission Statment
Patient's Bill of Rights
1. Receive a timely response to your request for nursing services.
2. Be given information regarding policies, charges for services, and information and assistance for third party reimbursement.
3. Have your care and services coordinated with other health care providers involved in your care.
4. Be given appropriate and professional quality health care without discrimination against your race, color, sex, religion, creed, sexual preference, diagnosis, or age.
5. Be treated with courtesy and respect by all who provide care to you.
6. Be free from physical and mental abuse or neglect.
7. Be given proper identification by name and title to everyone who provides care to you.
8. Be informed of and give consent for any procedures.
9. Be given, upon request, information regarding your diagnosis, treatment, alternatives and risks in a language you are able to understand.
10. A care plan which will be developed to meet your individual needs. You and your family may participate in the development of a care plan.
11. Be assured of private and confidential treatment.
12. Review your clinical record.
13. Be given information regarding discharge, transfer, or termination of service.
14. Request changes or make complaints regarding services.
15. Control decisions about accepting or refusing any medical care including life sustaining treatment under the provisions of the Patient Self Determination Act.
16. Expect that Allied Home Health Agency will abide by the provisions of your Advance Directive.
17. Voice any complaints regarding services provided by any Allied Home Health Agency. employee. Complaints regarding personnel should be directed to the Nursing or Home Health Aide Director. All complaints will be investigated and the patient will be advised of the disposition of said complaint. Complaints regarding any office staff member may be directed to the President or Vice-president. All complaints will be investigated and the patient will be notified of any actions taken.
18. Pain Control. Allied Home Health Agency will support you by providing information and by assessing and assisting in your pain control plan.
19. We will respect your cultural, psychological, spiritual beliefs and will respect your right to personal dignity.
20. Allied Home Health Agency supports your right to pastoral and spiritual services
Copyright Allied Home Health Agency 2014-2015
Copyright   Allied Home Health Agency 2014-2015
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